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    The KC-46A Pegasus deploys the centerline boom for the first time Oct. 9, 2015. The boom is the fastest way to refuel aircraft at 1,200 gallons per minute. (Boeing photo/John D. Parker)

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    A KC-46 Pegasus took to the skies for its first flight at Paine Field in Everett, Wa., Sept. 25, 2015. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jet Fabara)

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    The KC-46A Pegasus performs its first-ever aerial refueling Jan. 24, 2016, passing 1,600 pounds of fuel to an F-16 Fighting Falcon. (Boeing photo/Paul Weatherman

What's New?

The public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the KC-46A Main Operating Base #4 (MOB 4) Beddown ended on December 18, 2017. Comments received during the public comment period will be considered during development of the Final EIS. Please visit the About page for more information.


Welcome to the U.S. Air Force’s website for the KC-46A Main Operating Base #4 (MOB 4) Beddown. This website is the U.S. Air Force’s online center for the public to learn about and become involved in the KC-46A MOB 4 Beddown Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. The U.S. Air Force encourages the public and interested parties to review the information and documents provided on this website and participate in the EIS process.